A question about a reading

a part of reading is:
Detritus feeder-worms, mites, termites, centipedes, snails, crabs ,and even vultures, among [color=red]others-work like an army to consume detritus and excrete nutrients that fuel an ecosystem.

Q:The word [color=red]others in the passage refers to


I don’t know,How can I think or guess the answer is feeder.Please give me some advice to find such answers in TOEFL.

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Hi Morvarid798!

Although there are many unfamiliar words in the text you pasted, I can try to give an explanation, as I perceive it.

The sentence goes like that:
Detritus feeder - <several creatures that belong to class “Detritus feeder”>, among others <where among others? - in the class “Detritus feeder”> - work like…
Thus, word “others” refers to “Detritus feeder”, which is b:feeders

Did I make it clearer?