a question about a part of a reading section

[color=red]a part of reading is:
Detritus feeder-worms, mites, termites, centipedes, snails, crabs ,and even vultures, among [color=blue]others-work like an army to consume detritus and excrete nutrients that fuel an ecosystem.

Q:The word [color=blue]others in the passage refers to


I don’t know,How can I think or guess the answer is feeder.Please give me some advice to find such answers in TOEFL.

The answer is ‘feeders’, not ‘feeder’, and it is mistyped in the sentence. The m-dashes act like parentheses, and all the nouns from ‘worms’ to ‘others’ refer back to the ‘detritus feeders’: they are all examples of detritus feeders.

Thank you Mister Micawber. It was very helful for me.