A private school of English!

I am opening a Private School of English in September. I would like to make friends with some interesting people from all over the world!
Write! I can’t wait!
Bye!!! :smiley:

Dear Karina,

Welcome to our forum. Could you please tell us more about your school? Where is it located?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Karina!
It would be very nice to find out something about your Private School.

Hi Karina!!!
I nice idea of creating such a school!! Tell us as much about it as possible! How`re you going to organize it???

Greetings Karina,

Thanks for joining us on the Forum and telling us you
are going to open a new school in your town.
We will all be glad to help you with any difficult questions.
That?s what we are here for, and you won?t find a
quicker place where you can find an answer to
the English Language questions which you will encounter.
It?s great fun because we will also be learning together.
We have International contacts here at English-Test with :
Alan from England.
Bruce from Scotland.
Ray from the USA
Slava from Russia.
Torsten from Germany
between us all we speak English, German & Russian with some French and Spanish.
Our wonderful members on the Forum come from all over the
world (just check out the Members List).
I think you will enjoy it and we look forward to your questions and input.
Best Wishes, Bruce.

I’ve been an English teacher since 4 years. I come from Nysa, but I moved to Kluczbork (two days ago!) because here, I’ve got a better chance to start my private school. There are 12 private schools of foreign languages in Nysa and in Kluczbork there are only two!
Besides, my boyfriend comes from Kluczbork! :slight_smile:
I have received many interesting and wonderful books from Embassy of USA and GB. I hope they will be helpfull when getting to know my students with culture of English spoken countries.
I would like my school to have as many groups as possible. There will be a place for kids aged 8 up to 18. I’d like to conduct classes for adults as well, and for the people who are unemployed. Of course, groups will have no more than 8-10 learners, as it is the best solution when learning a second language. What else? :?:
I really would like to have contact with few people from abroad who could be (and in my opinion they really are) a great source of information, when it comes to e.g. everyday life situations, dos and don’ts, how to behave in a certain situations when you are in a foreign country, or just simply how much is bread? :smiley:
I would like my learners to have a real image of what life is like in a foreign country. Because, you know. most of them can’t afford to go abroad.
So, if you have any intersting ideas… I wait.
My school website is under construction , but it will be available in a couple of days.
Hmm…It will be designed in Polish, I’m afraid, but you can look at it and see if you like it and let me know!
Bye! :wink:

Hi Karina,

Where exactly is Kluczbork and how many people live there? Your town’s website has got a very active internet forum which shows that your community keeps abreast with new technology.
You have set yourself the goal of establishing your own langugage school and yes, of course we will support you. We can exchange course and training materials, marketing ideas and classroom experiences. What do you think about this proposal?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hallo Karina,

I look forward to seeing your Website when its finished.
If it?s in Polish first - which of-course - it should be,
then you will need to get it translated as soon as
possible into English. Don?t worry though, take it easy
step by step. You probably want to do it yourself as you
go along, as professional translation can be expensive.
You can always ask us to for advice along the way, directly on the Forum.
I know Polish people are ambitious to learn English.
I sat next to a Polish fellow on a recent RyanAir flight from Germany to England.
He was going to stay in London, England for five months to learn and improve his English.

Question ? - Are their many mother-tongue English speakers
living in Poland? I mean have you met any? Or do you know of any statistics?
Maybe teachers from the USA, Canada, Australia or GB - Irish, Scots, Welsh or English.
I am curious because I have no ideas about life in Poland.
I?ve been over the border a few times and have met some very nice Polish people.
Are there African, Arabian or Asian people living there
or people from South America, India, Scandinavia etc.
I can imagine a few in the big city of Warsaw (Warczaw?).

What is happening in Poland since it?s entry into the EU on the 1st of May 2004.
Is some kind of revolution going on, or is everybody taking life at the usual pace???
Please let us know.
I have seen a couple of TV programmes about Poland recently
but would like to hear some more.
Thanks alot and…

Best Wishes, Bruce.

Oh Karina,

I forgot to ask.
Would you like to choose a picture for yourself
to have beside your replies on the Forum?
Just go into your Profile by clicking your name - Karina,
which is written in blue.
At the bottom of your Profile you will see - chose Avatar.
Check it out. If you have any difficulties, just ask Torsten
to help you. Either by private message or on the Forum -
which ever you prefer.
I think it is nicer to have a picture as it helps to locate
and remember you by. You can post a real photo if
you like, it?s up to you.

Thanks again. Bruce.

Oh Bruce! You are right! Do you like my picture?
Where did you take your picture? I like your picture.
Terminator :evil:

Hello Torsten!
Your idea about exchangin course and training materials, marketing ideas and classroom experiences is just perfect for me!!! :lol: Thank you!
I’ll keep in touch!

Hello Torsten!
There aren’t many their many mother-tongue English speakers in Poland, but… in some cities (those bigger) they are present. They teach English in some private schools or give lectures in some universities. I have met a few interesting people, but there is one problem. They live 60 km away from Kluczbork, and they haven’t got “happy faces” when I ask them whether they would like to teach English or German in my school. It means that they have to drive to Kluczbork and back. They are really lazy!! :wink:
In big cities like Warsaw :lol: (Warsaw in English) there are a lot of foreigners, who also speak (or at least they are willing to) speak Polish, but they all say: Polish language is very, very difficult!!!. And I have to say that hey are right! :lol:
Since Poland?s entry into the EU hardly nothing has changed. Except prices! :cry: Some products and labels are much more expensive now e.g. rice or chicken meat, bread, petrol, even bananas :x !
However, prices on some products has decreased , like:hi - fi, clothes.
Thre is a hot discussion going on about cars, like selling them or buying from German people. It is really hard topic, because of system of Polish taxes , which in fact is quite poor…! :slight_smile:
It is really sad. Life hasn’t changed a lot, except that Polish people seem to be curious about what our government is doing. :? as it is (and always has been) the topic no 1 in Poland.
What about your country? How are the people like in generall? What is their opinion about Polish people?

Hi Bruce!
Thanks for your advice! I have my picture now, later I’ ll try to put my real photo there.
I’ve chosen this photo, beacuse the girl in the picture looks a little just like me, only that I have curly hair. But still…I’ve got blue eyes! :wink:
That’s all for now!

Hello Torsten!
Kluczbork is 60 km from Opole. It is situated in the south-west of Poland. It is’nt quite big city, I would say that it is rather a town. There are 25,000 people in Kluczbork. There are a lot of primary and secondary schools around here.

Hi Karina,

So Kluczbork is near Opole in the south west of Poland not too far away from the Czech boarder. Interestingly enough, Opole’s partner city is Bielgorod in Russia. What does your town’s name stem from? The ending bork is not Slavic I suppose?

You say that many English native speakers would like to teach English in your school but they don’t want to travel 60 kilometres.
Well, the situation in Germany is similar: most American or British English language trainers of course live and work in larger cities. Maybe, we should think about a special incentive we can offer them when they teach at your school in Kluczbork? What about combining traditional classroom based teaching with distance learning? For example, your students could spend part of their lessons face to face with their teacher who gives them assignments they have to do at home - or better even: online. They could get on to the internet and connect with your teacher.
What do you think about this idea?

Also, please tell us more about the car situation in Poland. You said there is a hot discussion going on whether to sell or by them from German people. I know that western car makers have invested a lot of money into production facilities in Poland. A large number of cars sold in Europe are now produced in Poland but many people don’t know about this. Poland is a very interesting country - it’s an important neighbour and partner for us, so the more we communicate the better.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I’m just watching a report on German TV about German people buying German cars at Polish car dealerships. For example, a new Polo is about 30% cheaper in Poland than in Germany - same car, better price. Of course, this situation will change over the next few years but still…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,
As you know I used to be in this business full-time, exporting German cars back to GB.
For Germans wanting to buy a cheaper car it meant going to Italy, Denmark or Holland.
Now I am learning something. Since the 1st May, Poland have entered the European Union and of course can offer these price discounts aswell.
These discount prices are directly related to the Buying Price each Car Dealership has to pay the Manufacturer for the cars (i.e. VW, Audi, Ford, Fiat, Toyota etc.).
This price is given as a Percentage discount on the Market List Price to the end User or Customer.
In Germany, the average discount from the Market List Price which a Car Dealership can receive from a Car Manufacturer is about 13%.
This discount varies with the amount of Optional Extras the car has i.e. CD Player, Navigation System etc.
and the more Optional Extras the greater the discount.
A customer buying from the Car Dealership will receive a small discount off the List Price either through negotiation with the Car Salesman or already as a discount offered as “special offer price” on the Car Dealership forecourt.
Again, this discount can be up to 10%, leaving the Car Dealership with 3% profit (in this example).
A discount of around 3-5% is usual from a Car Salesman, but if he knows he has got heavy competition he will give more. Anything up to the average 13%.
I hope that helps our readers to understand how it works.
Meanwhile, if the Manufacturers don?t like it, they can manipulate the Polish market, although the European Commission are promoting free-trading in Europe and are making rules and laws to stop monopoly control from big corporations.
Best Wishes, Bruce.

Hello! My website is finished!! at last! so if you have got a minute you may take a look at it and let me know if you like it! I’d be grateful!
Bye! see YA!

Hi Karina,

Welcome back to our forum and congratulations on launching your website. Of course we’ll take a look at it as soon as you tell us the address?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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So the address is www.lingua.net.pl