A positive proposal

Mr. Torsten,

Please get to think from now on,

I think who have run across at least top 100 they should have at least 1000 postings here with minimum countable words like 50 per posting.

A lot of other bars should be imposed here to be qualify at top 100. Otherwise you can’t
boast of for all top runners are up to the mark.

Please think it with your all experts what to do in addition including what I said in the near future.

Thanks in advance

Making lots of lengthy posts does not indicate a good standard of English.

Hi Mihajaquazi,

Can you explain in plain English the point of your comment above.


Thanks Bev,

In that sense please stop indicating here --I am a communicator-after 1000 postings which definitely saying, he or she is an articulate in English language. Actually, it is not here. This title just misleads us.

There are more things later I would try to imply as I want to make improving this site
for our greater benefit.

No, it doesn’t.
A communicator is someone who communicates (exchanges ideas, etc.) with others. Being a communicator doesn’t imply a good command of English.

Can you communicate in clear English what that means. It looks to me as if you are trying to ask me to stop contributing to this thread. If so, can you give me a valid reason (again, in clear English, though I will accept clear Welsh instead, as those are the two languages I understand) why I should not take part in this debate?

Hi Bev,

I think Mr. Minhajquazi is referring to the “I’m a Communicator” inscription which appears under a member’s name after they have made 1000 posts (like me, for example). Yours reads “Language Coach”.
And he demands that it be removed because he deems it misleading for some odd reason.

You are almost right Mr. Tort as I have been watching to maximum non native speakers
who have acquired this title (I am a communicator!) here,they are still unable to communicate in English, specially they are not articulate in Grammars that makes me feel shame as well as embarrassed. So, we can rethink about this method who will be deserved or not to be.

I might be one of them(not a good communicator!) that is why I am going on steadily to reach there, instead I could have reached there just one year earlier if I had thought.

In the society, we seem a communicator is not a simple one by all means! I have some idea that most third world countries civil servants are not today good in English that makes them and their respective Government a suffocation position, even an Indian 777 flight was fallen down because of misunderstanding in English by the pilot with the control tower a few years back, I quoted it from the Time Mag. etc.

I am here for using the English most scientific ways or exchanging views with others
about these odd,and so doing other non natives.

Hi Bev,

I think Mr. Minhajquazi is referring to the “I’m a Communicator” inscription which appears under a member’s name after they have made 1000 posts (like me, for example). Yours reads “Language Coach”.
And he demands that it be removed because he deems it misleading for some odd reason.

Thank you for the ‘translation’, Tort.
Sadly, it was needed.

It is really sad Bev, being a 87 or one of the top 100, I can’t communicate properly, is this not the shame to our so called teachers here? Oh! how does this method work that can’t ensure even the top 100 learners good English level yet?

We get to rethink this and that now, Tosten! as I am thinking those are out side of 100,
what about them?

The question over there that we have been asking for at this moment!

Question is-----------why do top runners’ level of English seem not good enough here at ETN yet?

Who will be the responsible for that disorder??? Why do this “dog and the pony show”
try? What will be happened to the all “Jekyll and hykell” here, man?

These are my humble inquiries to all conscious learners.

Gentleman, please be realistic. This is a website rather than an AI robot which can judge every member’s English level thoroughly and automatically. I am a programmer so I know how difficult it can be. Ideally, your idea might be just fine. But there are still many problems as Bees has already mentioned. For instance, if I copy articles from CNN news and then post them on the “What do you want to talk about” forum, how do you judge my English? By the way, I think the title of top 100 or the title of “I am a communicator” can be seen as a reward (for their hard work) rather than a certificate (of English). And every English learner needs such encouragement. I believe you understand.


Hi Minhajquazi,

I commented the other day that the fun seems to have gone out of this site since those early days in 2003 when Torsten and I launched English-test, but you have restored my spirits with your wild remarks. You are a true joker!


My answer is Mr. Alan----------it is just 'beating about the bush"! Alan, I respect you
as we must follow the social norms, if you feel comfort with your comment, well come!

Look, I have no enough time to practice English language since long years, otherwise
I have that confident that can help the fledgling how to learn English most easy ways with fun as my late father who was an M.A.in English 1936 from Dhaka University, he taught me.

Listen, I learned, Dog in the manger, I am undone, I have to go now etc. at the age of six from my father. Without enough time or not involving with live on English language, I am unable to engage here long time, I occasionally make mistake here, and distorted my
father’s name and fame only. My benign request please tech with cordial ways which is absent here, my all moaning and groaning only for that-----no, learning is not going here with cordiality rather dirty diplomacy prevails that I implied several times in the past.

Mr. Huang,
Sorry, that is why a machine was invented to find out the plagiarism from the web sites and it has been using successfully, being a programmer you must have known this!
Check my all writings, all are mine, those are hiding there face here, certainly they have some legal or psychological problems, but by present internet law, it(hiding face) is sometimes just crime in their respective Law or International law, just keep it mind.Of course, when it seems your mind is free from Mens rea(guilty mind) it may not impose only. Sorry, for a little bit harsh.

Don’t forget when you kiss with your own girl friend it happens with abide by your own country law, so in law there is no privacy with certain rules, if it breaks, your lawful girl friend may go against you!

So, a marriage is just a “contract” with two people, we forget only.My advice, forget
all law, try to do everything without wrong doing.

Hi Mr. Minhajquazi,
There is always a gap between theory and practice. I have never seen any other website offer such feature. This is a free website, I don’t think they have to do so even if they can.

Sorry but I really cannot comprehend your metaphor! Did you suggest that ETN should add a regulation to make sure we use our head shots? I’ll looking forward to your enlightening.


Sorry, we have to be honest here. You know I have a dangerous curiosity that has discovered several sites(some have 2 hundred thousands members!) like this since last year. But, of course Tors ten’s site is one of the best to write all rubbish that I usually write!

I salute him to permit me so.

Huang, you may be a programmer, but www has just opened my eyes what is business opportunity in western type as I participated in several exams there on various topics including internet based. That is why you have no good idea how to detect the plagiarism immediate, it is a crime by law in the internet world.

It isn’t plagiarism.
You are attributing the wrong definition to the phrase, and the wrong purpose to its use there.

I’ve removed your advertising spam link.

No, this is not as I am helping the peers to other link with honesty.

is not an English learning site rather it is an outsourcing co, as your mind is full of guilty(a person of guile, I am sorry to say as you made me to do so) you always see everything with derail ways what I and other people are accustomed to see.

Please see I didn’t give him any other links yet. Again, all linking must accelerate the
host sites as “Search engine actualization or optimization” system that idea you have none!

English language learning is not my “bread and butter” so that your slandering doesn’t
make any sense to me. Your learning was unfinished ways yet, as you have no idea to make slander other it must come back on own self too.

Now the people are not living at Hammock, Bev. that was why I indicated this:


I have no idea what you are trying to say, sorry.

I am also sorry for digression here.