A newcomer: I am a French speaker, but English is one of my favorite foreign...

Good evening Torsten,

First of all, I say hello to all the forum members. Thank you for encouraging me to use the forum. I have never thought about it before. I was about to ask you how to use it, but I have tried to find how to do it before soliciting help from you. I think I am now on the right track. The only problem I have for the moment is that I don’t know how to display my picture on the forum. You can help me with that. Besides, I am sorry for having remained too isolated from you and the other forum members since I have been taking this English course, for learning is a cooperative activity and working in group is the best way to learn, especially learning a second or foreign language. From now I’ll do my best to stay in touch with all the forum members, including you. The important question I want to answer is “Why I am learning English?” I am a French speaker, but English is one of my favorite foreign languages. I have got a degree in English studies; I am an Englhish-French/French-English translator by training; I have just received a TESL graduate certificate from Algonquin College. So I am learning English to master the speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in that language, and finally to teach it as a second or foreign language to newcomers to Canada or overseas. Don’t be discouraged to send me the lessons on a regular basis: I study very hard, and I am very fond of this language as well. Ultimately, how to study the English lessons in order to take the fullest and best advantage of them?

Thank you so much Torsten, and have a good night.


I am not Torsten, but I’d like to show you how to display your photo. You can easily find out the word “Profile” on this page (after logging in). Click it and show everyone your photo.
Have fun!
(If you have Yahoo!ID, please tell me. I’m very happy to talk with you and be your friend.)