a new reataurant may be built in your neighborhood

Some people think that building a new restaurant can generate loud noises which interfere with the life of residents . Others think that the more restaurants are built, the more options are made when eating out. In my opinion, I support the second group because its advantages overweigh its disadvantages. There are two reasons why I hold this opinion.

The first reason strengthen my opinion is that if a new restaurant is contructed, people can have more choices when they want to eat out. In this competitive world, adults are always inundated with making end meat, while children are busy with their homework. Therefore, a warm dinner with family members is valuable. Because of their limited time, a nearby restaurant is the best choice for everyone. In addition, there are diverse ranges of food in the restaurant which can meet everyone’s requires. People can enjoy many cuisines from various countries just next to their house rather than taking some time going to city center. Also, it is a good place for improving family sentiment as well as helping relieve stress after working.

Another reason makes me support this opinion is that builing a new restaurant can improve our life quality. People tend to go to the restaurant for eating other than enjoy street food which we are not sure for the food hygiene as well as nutrition facts. Moreover, it is a sign for a thriving residential area. I would rather living in a crowded place in which there are schools, markets nearby than desolate areas. Preceding the plan of building restaurant are tons of other promise plans such as trade centers, skyscapers which help enhance intellectual standard and decrease crime rate as well. I’m not afraid going home late because of well- lighted buildings.

In conclusion, building a new restaurant in my neighborhood is not a bad idea. It creates chance for people to lead a more convient life.

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