A new member: Raja from Palestine

I am raja and I am Palestinian. I live In Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. It is a very big city. I work as an English teacher at school in the morning and in the evening in an institute. I like my job very much but I have one problem "I am not fluent and my pronounciation is not excellent. I want to come over this as fast as I can.

Dear Raja,

Welcome to our forum and sorry I didn’t answer you earlier. Please tell us more about your work as an English teacher. How many students do you have and what kind of materials do you use in your classroom? Also, when did you move to Saudi Arabia and what do you like most about your new home country?

Talk to you soon,

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Hello. there is no need to say sorry. I was born and brought up in S.A. Ihave visited my country several times. last time was to study English in the Islamic University in Gaza. As an English teacher, I prefer toteach in the institute because the number of students is more fewer than the school. I have about four to six students in each class so I can focus on their individual differences. all of them come to be able to speak English so I provide them the chance to do that by making presentations, conversations, role play, etc. Some of my students like to write short stories and others like to be a teacher for a while and that was so interersting and useful for all of them. Whenever they speak I don’t accept grammatical mistakes but I am not interested in giving them extra excercises for that.finally, the institute adopted Headway course as curricula we must teach.