A new member: I am Eritrean, the capital is Asmara...

Hi everybody !!
I am a new member here.and this is my first participation since i joined a couple weeks ago.Today i am going to tell you something about me.

before that i would like to mention,my personal English language coach here mr Torsten Daerr has asked me to inroduce myself. special thank you goes to mr Torsten Daerr and the rest of coaches as well.

here is quick facts About me:

I am Eritrean,the capital is Asmara. Eritrea is located in the horn Africa and is bordered on the northeast and east by the red sea, on the west and northwest by Sudan, on the south by Ethiopia, and on the southeast by Djibouti.

for more information you can visit this link en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography_of_Eritrea.

thank you.

It’s nice to meet you here afadish.
your writing sounds good.
I visit people here and I like their writings, but sometimes I wonder what gender writers (members) are, because I am not familiar to their country and culture so I don’t know what names are for famels and what names are for masculine in their country. It would be nice to set a photo.
any way thanks for the information about Eritrea.

It is nice to met you too Porandokht.
I am writing this reply regarding to your question. I myself have face the same problem and do not know what names for famels and what names use for masculine. however i will tell right here right now about me.

I’m a man , as for picture i will think about it in soon future.

thank you for your reply.

I agree with Porandokht. Its really a big problem that often we have to communicate but I really get confuse that should i call he or she though they tell their name too. But as unaware of the language and culture, i could not get that the name is of some male or female…