A new friend which like learn English very much

Hello! Everyone. it’s so nice to be here to meet new friends and learn English together.
My name is Grace Gao. from China. I have been learning English more than 20 years,but i have no proper situation to practise English, especially spoken English, so I should say thank the New ESL to provide a very good platform for us to share our learning experience and communicate with others in English, it is a very good means to improve. I like English very much. hope i can make a great progress through talk with new friends!

Hello Grace Gao,

Many thanks for joining our forum and welcome to english-test.net! Where in China do you live and what do you do? You are right, the Internet gives us the opportunity to meet people from around the world and share experiences. As for practicing your English, do you have access to English language media such as DVD’s, radio and TV? Also, have you ever tried listening to English on YouTube or other sites?

Talk to you soon.

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