A new expression to describe the Germans: "collective pantshitting"


So here is a little rant on the stubbornness and negativity of the Germans (an aging bunch I happen to belong to): Instead of focusing on opportunity, we keep harping on risks to the point where any innovation and fun gets killed. I’ve even created a term for this typical German trait: kollektives Indiehosekacken (collective pantshitting). I can elaborate if you like (I probably will continue the rant regardless of what you think ;-)).


I would invent one too, but the idea doesn’t come yet. I’m waiting :wink:


Funny word )) but I think it s typical international term for almost anyone, except Ilon Mask or Bill Gates maybe


loool Torsten. I imagine a bunch of crocodiles running after me. In such a situation I would not feel bad with pantshitting and wuld not blame me coward.:grin:
Though I must agree, that people too often fear what they don´t know. Another german term reading: Wat der Buer nich kennt , dat fret hey nich) could be translated to: the peasant does not eat what he don´t know.