A modern apartment building

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Topic: Would you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a modern apartment building? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

According to traditional beliefs, a traditional house is always more valuable than a modern apartment building because they have ownership forever, but an apartment will quickly deteriorate and devalue. However, the society is increasingly developing, the perception of apartment is also more open, especially today’s young people. Here are the benefits when we live in a modern apartment building.

First and foremost, living space becomes airy. The reason the apartments have more open spaces thanks to the airy surface are the glass windows that can be opened and closed easily, making the living space filled with air and light. An elevated apartment will have more wind and less air pollution. In particular, the apartments from high floors upwards are very airy, full of light and air. You can see your surroundings every time you wake up or at night after a stressful working day.

In the second place, a modern apartment building helps to bond family members. The advantage of the apartment design is that the rooms are on the same plane, so it creates favorable conditions for the common life of the family. It is easier for family members to meet face to face and exchange. It is a very humane boon for modern life. With this design, family members will become more intimate, family atmosphere is also cozier. Not only that, you also do not need to climb stairs, going up and down , an apartment has the elevator extremely convenient.

Thirdly and the most importantly, there are many utilities and services. When living in an apartment from mid to high end with relatively synchronous infrastructure, useful facilities and services that you can enjoy such as supermarkets, swimming pools, restaurants, sports, and beauty and so on in shopping malls. In many high-end apartment buildings, there are also convenient play areas with many types for children.

To sum up, I prefer living in a modern apartment building to living in a traditional house. Its living space becomes airy, it helps to bond family members and there are many utilities and services.


The topic what you chose is very nice, everybody wants to live in modern house to enjoy the facilities which we cannot find it in the traditional house.


That’s right !!!