A million textbooks with the same name.

Have you ever noticed that for instructional textbooks for almost every language, there are a few names that repeat all the time.

For example, for almost every language, there is a textbook with a title that means, “Let’s Go!” At one school where I teach, the students studying French have a book called “Allons-y!”, which means “Let’s Go!” Every so often I see students using a textbook called “¡Vamos!” or something similar. It means the same thing.

Often they’re named something that means “Destinations”.

I have also noticed a few years ago that there were several textbooks from different publishers, for various languages, called “Orbit”.

Have you noticed anything like this?

When a phrase or a word or an expression becomes popular or catchy, it is natural for business houses to use them. If you are going to publish books which tell people on the making of things in very easy steps, you may have to use the expression ‘How to’. What I wrote in such a long sentence becomes very clear with the use of just two words. So you find mostly all successful publishers use the same ‘How to…’ to attract buyers.