A long vacation


I’m Phuong, Quang’s sister, would you mind helping me correct the mistakes in my speaking? Thank you very much.

Topic: Do you prefer long vacation or short vacation?

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Hi Phuong, this one did not seem as strong to me. I sort of understand your first reason. If you are going to pay so much to get to a country, it is better to stay there for as long as you can. But you could have explained this a little more clearly. Your second reason was really confusing to me. I didn’t understand the games part at all. Here are some other suggestions:

“Pay a visit to a country, but we don’t have enough time to visit them all” You are talking about one country, so what does “them all” refer to?
You really stress the word “bus” way too much here.
“We don’t have much enjoyment for our trip” -> we don’t get much enjoyment from our trip
“if you like playing that games but you don’t have time” It would be “those games”, but this part is still confusing to me - what games are you talking about?
“so many times spending on this” -> “so much time to spend on this”
“you will be bored” I think it is more that you will be frustrated or disappointed - wouldn’t a long trip have more of a risk of becoming bored?