a long vacation or short vacations

  1. Some people believe that students should be given one long vacation each year. Others believe that students should have several short vacations throughout the year. Which viewpoint do you agree with?

Almost all people expect to have some days off for themselves each year. While I prefer one long vacation each year, some of my friends like to help several vacations throughout the year. I think other students who want to have consecutive terms of studies and well-planed vacations will agree with me.

One long vacation each year offers the student a consecutive term of studies. Students will have to study for about six months to have their vacation, to make themselves free from book, lecture and mark. It seems to make the students really tired due to such a long term but it helps the students concentrate on their work, studies during their semester. Without disturbed by thinking of vacations, students find it much easier to study, get themselves focus on their subject.

A long free time during the vacation allows students to have jobs or far trips. Although some people like me always want to have a part time job during their vacation, they find it impossible due to the fact that no employers accept their employees to work for only one to two weeks. In the same case, my friends have not yet been able to get a trip abroad due to their short vacations.

Having a long time before the vacation, people can plan out what they will do during their up coming days off. I can list what I need to apply for a job like application letter, reference letter, etc, so that I can make myself excellent before the employers. Moreover, other people who want to go abroad for their vacation also can list what they need, where they will go and what they will buy. The trip due to that will be perfect.

In conclusion, a long vacation each year offers people a lot of benefits. Although students will be very tired during their term before having their days off, they will have a lot of opportunities to get a job or to make themselves completely relax in their long vacation and other people will, too.

hope for your feedback

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