A live performance

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Topic: Which is more preferable? attending a live performance or watching TV at home ?

Why do people spend a large amount of money attending a live performance while they can stay at home to enjoy these programs on TV? Personally, I think taking part in my idol’s live show is actually enjoying the art. The following reasons will support my point of views.

First and foremost, you can enjoy the performance in such vivid way. On television, not all the scenes broadcasted are real because of the sophistication from editorial staff in order to make the programs become perfect. Moreover, a number of advertising clips inserted for the purpose of business benefits interrupt the programs, which sometimes brings audiences’ amenity to a halt. In contrast, the live show with light effects and sound in actuality may easily touch the bottom of audiences’ heart. For example, in violinist’s concert, hearing directly the sound from the artist in collaboration with special effects and enthusiastic cheers from others has the potential to help people easily get moved.

Furthermore, live event is the ideal place where many hold the chances to find sympathy of others. This is due to the fact that those who go to the live performance seem to have much in common, for example favorite artist. When audiences enjoy the show, they might easily tend to identify with neighbors who already have similar feeling. For instance, at the football match, those who are the real fan of one team sometimes sing out loud together as long-time friends, though maybe a neighbor is a stranger. More remarkably, the atmosphere at stadium, to some extent, makes people become more excited, which is never found by TV-watching individuals.

In conclusion, despite the expense of tickets at the live event, people usually take effort in holding the opportunities to participate in the real performance of their favorite idol.

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