A little G.K

hey guys . . . I found this website while googling for answers, nice site. Posted a question just a while ago in another thread. . . I want to ask a gk question here,
1.The richest country of the world?
this question was asked in a local government recruitment exam.
m confuse with this question,
it did not ask from among the given countries which is the richiest country in the world?so the answer should be the country holding number rank. and does’nt specify in terms gdp, per capita income or ppp.
Is this a valid question or is it ambigous.
I search online . . . But did’nt get any concrete result, data from imf, world bank and other internationational agencies differ. Please help me.

What does ‘G.K’ stand for?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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General Knowledge :slight_smile:

I would choose Switzerland. Do you know why?

That is because there are so many criminals deposit their money there. :slight_smile:

lol . . . I should have thought about that :slight_smile:
In the answer key the right answer was switzerland.
But even if billions of dollars are stash over . . . The money belongs to the depositors/criminals not swiz govt.
I choose USA . . . Because somewhere i saw switz ranking 7th and japan ranking below us.
Besides the criminal conspiracy can u give any other reasons? According to the question the right answer should be the country holding the number 1 rank, I feel if that is not so then the question itself is invalid if any of the given choice country does not hold number 1 rank. There are many differfnt data compiled for the year 2010 by many intl org. I feel that data by some intl lobby group fav a country cannot be taken as standard. Unless there is a valid intl org appointed by UN to determioed the ranking . . . Please answer . . . I need to know . .

GK means General Knowledge.
World’s richest countries by Purchasing Power Parity ( PPP ). ( IMF, 2010 )

  1. Qatar USD 90,149
  2. Luxembourg USD 79,411
  3. Norway USD 52,964

I hope you like it.