A large portion for this?

In the following sentence which I found in a an article in The Guardian shouldn’t it read ‘a large portion of this’ and not ‘a large portion for this’?

Transmitting and viewing online video accounts for a large portion for this, generating nearly 1% of global emissions.


Hello, @Sir Torsten,

I think that both " for a large portion for this" and “for a large portion of this” are right.


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I think it means for this phenomenon/menace/crisis. Transmitting and viewing online video is responsible for or contributes to generating 1% of global emissions.

(Does it make sense, Torsten?)


Hi Lawrence, I’m afraid I’m not convinced because as far as I know ‘a large portion of’ is a set phrase that can’t be modified. Let’s see what @Alan and @Andrea say.


Hi @Torsten, I understand what you are saying. Yes, you do get “a large portion of”.

I think in this case it is different. If you read the sentence carefully and break up it up you will see it is possible to stay as it is.

“Transmitting and viewing online accounts for a large portion” - This means for a large part (of something)

for this” - This is referring to digital technologies.

What do you think @Torsten?