a job with a high salary or a job that gives you enjoyment?

Having a lot of money and a stable job guarantees a comfortable and fabulous life. People can enjoy expensive activities and buy luxurious houses or cars if they are wealthy. However, I would rather choose a job that gives enjoyment and happiness to me. This is because I can work without getting much stress. Furthermore, my working efficiency will be improved if I choose a job that makes me happy.
First of all, if my job makes me happy and interested, there will be less stress and pressure. There are so many people who suffer from mental depression and many other diseases caused by a lot of stress at their work. If I do not feel happy while working, it would only build up stress and make me unhealthy. To be more specific, Samsung corporations offered a management position to my brother. Even though he wanted to become a musician, he decided to get into Samsung as he would get a high salary. However, he found out that working as a financial manager in Samsung was not fit him but he just worked for money. As a result, I got diabetes as he always drank after working to get rid of his stress.
Second of all, choosing an interesting job would be more beneficial for me since I can work more effectively. If my job is not right for me, I would get a lot of pressure and go through a lot of difficulties in working even though I get paid a lot. Furthermore, there would not be a source of motivation to work harder. This will decrease my work efficiency at the end. However, having a job that makes me happy will make me put in more effort and concentrate more on my work. As a result, my work efficiency will be greatly increased and I would be able to achieve my goal in my filed more easily.
In conclusion, I prefer to choose an interesting job that makes my blood boil than a job with high salary since I would feel less stressed out and enjoy my work. Furthermore, it will lead to the improvement of work efficiency.

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HE got diabetes as he always drank after working to get rid of his stress.

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