'A guide to the English dialect spoken only in China.'


Here is a funny article on the new Chinese “English”. My favorite expression in it is “Deformed Man Toilet”, which, of course Molly would say we should all accept as a valid expression.

weeklystandard.com/Content/Publi … 2vcjdb.asp


First she’d have to understand what you, Jamie, means by “a valid expression”. What do you mean by that, Jamie?

And why would you expect Chinglish to follow only the rules of English? It is Chinglish after all. Should, say, this Yorkshire dialect example, which would be seen as comical to some of your peers, I imagine, follow your rules of English?

Seen at railway crossings in parts of Yorkshire:

“Wait while lights flash”

And see here:


A wider picture:


Maybe it’s time for us to also start developing an interest for the linguistic situaation in China. For example, how popular has Mandarin become, which role does Cantonese currently play, how many Chinese speak or understand English and other European languages such as Russian or even German?