A group of lions is/are waiting for quarries

A group of lions [size=150]is/are[/size] waiting for quarries to approach.

Which is correct?

They are both acceptable (at least in BrE; in some cases AmE prefers the singular verb, but I don’t know about this exact example). Personally I feel that the singular verb tends to sounds more precise in a case like this.

Dear Dozy,

I learn EFL I,therefore, pay attention to small details. :slight_smile:
Is the word sound in the second line of your answer noun or verb?

I’m sorry, I made a typo. It should read “tends to sound” (you quoted “sound”, but I actually wrote “sounds”).

“sound” is a verb. It is an example of the standard pattern “tend to” + verb infinitive.


It is just the case in which I am interested.