A good deal

Dear to whom may it concern,
Would you please explain to me, what does ‘a good deal’ mean? I am a bit confused about the exact definition of it.
And also in this Listening english-test.net/toeic/liste … start.html what does ‘that’s a good deal’ mean? I feel the answer is a bit strange for this question?

That’s a good deal = that is good value for money.

Hi, Mitra,
Have a look: ’ A very successful transaction or business agreement; a bargain.’ For example, The new agent got him a great deal, or Only $50,000 for all that land? That’s a good deal.
Agree the answer is all right?

Hi Mitra,

In your first question you asked what ‘a good deal’ meant in this sense:

I feel a good deal better. This means I feel much (considerably) better. Look at this: This exercise is a good deal (considerably) harder because it is at an advanced level. Again this means 'much harder.