A gift that helps a child develop

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Topic: A gift (such as a camera, a soccer ball, or an animal) can contribute to a child’s development. What gift would you give to help a child develop? Why? Use reasons and specific examples to support your choice.

Today, children have a better life. Above all, around them there are countless useful games and the appearance of electronic devices gradually replaces ordinary toys. As a gift can contribute to a child’s development, if I have a chance to give children a gift, I will give them block toys.

First and foremost, block toys help children develop cognition. Block toys always include details with many different shapes such as circle, triangle, rectangle, square, and so on in many types of sizes. Therefore, letting children play this toy is the simplest way for them to recognize and distinguish the basic blocks as well as know how to compare smaller and larger sizes. From there, they will have a solid foundation to learn math better in the future. Besides, blocks also help them have better perception of colors from a young age. So when we let children play with this toy, we repeat the block names and color names many times so that they can easily remember them.

In the second place, block toys help children develop thinking. Children have to think about how to put it into a complete and solid product by easy methods. This process helps the children’ logical thinking be trained. Their memory and concentration ability is also enhanced. In particular, it can also help children develop basic skills in spatial physics and geometry. The toy has variety of levels from easy to difficult are suitable for the children’s ability to think and develop while playing it. This will help children not be discouraged but always stimulated to have more excitement when playing.

Thirdly and the most importantly, block toys help children develop many social skills. Creating a complete product out of ideas in mind is not easy. To do this, they have to be both persistent and have to know how to solve problems that arise unexpectedly when playing such as: What to do when missing a block? When the children’ building suddenly collapsed? All situations that block toys pose to challenge can help them improve many essential qualities and skills in life. In addition, if they play with block toys, they can also learn to share, cooperate, communicate and work in groups. These are all important skills for any child’s development.

To sum up briefly, block toys would be the best gift contributing to a child’s development. Block toys help a child develop cognition, develop thinking and also develop many social skills.


To say shortly, block toys would be the best choice in presenting gift to the children’s development, since it helps the children in developing memory, eye sight, acitiveness and social skills.


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