A game related question

How would natives call the following two game phrases?
A game contest usually consists of two phrases:
Phrase I: You and your team members play via LAN. You all are probably at different locations, like A is in London, B is in Bangkok, and C is in the D.C….
Phrase II: Your team has advanced to the Final. Now you guys meet with each other and sit together to play as a team.
MY QUESTION is: Is there a set phrase in English to describe each of the two phrases in gaming?
Actually, I’m not a game fan. But my colleague is doing game translation, and this is the question that has bothered her for a quite a long time.
Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance.
Hope you all have a nice day!
BTY, Thanks Bees, you always help me on this forum. Thanks again.

I’m not a gamer, but don’t think there’s a set phrase.
I would use level 1 and level 2.
Perhaps you could utilise standard sports terminology and refer to ‘qualifying rounds’ (often called ‘qualifiers’) or ‘heats’ and ‘the final’.

In games, I usually think of “level 1”, “level 2” etc. as being levels of increasing difficulty, to which a player progresses as he gets more skillful, which doesn’t seem to be quite what is meant here?

(Also, Cori, while you may be looking for descriptive phrases, you probably mean that a game consists of two phases: phase I and phase II.

Also, “LAN” is a local network, so could not connect London and Bangkok.)

Thanks Beeesneees and Dozy.
Yes, Dozy. I’m looking for descriptive phrases for the two phases. Thanks for your corrections.
Do you know if there are set game terms for the two phases?
In MMORPGs, I think gamers around the world can play together and establish a team.

I do not know any specific terms for those two phases. Beeesneees’ suggestion of “qualifying rounds” and “the final” (or “finals”) seems good to me, but, as she says, those are generic terms. They do not specifically mean that players are initially scattered around the world and then come together. You would have to explain that separately.