A fault or a fate?

This is my first story. I hope you will like it:)

Andrew was walking home very slowly. Various thought disturbed his mind. Only a month ago he was one of the happiest person in Moscow, well-known businessman… But today his life is fully broken. «Why has such an awful thing happened to me?» he asked himself hopeless. He is only 29 years old. Of course his life was full of different prospects and dreams some weeks ago… He was going to spend his summer holidays in Nice with his pretty girlfriend Kitty. But where is she now? She disappeared without saying «Goodbye» when he told her about his dreadful diagnosis.
Beyond doubt, very soon his colleagues and the boss will know about his disease… Certainly he will be dismissed from his work and will not be given a chance to earn any money on his needs. He began to recall all his life in a blue funk and came to a doleful conclusion- he hand never loved anyone… and what is more, no one really loved him. He began crying.
Distant memories surged at him. Suddenly he remembered a girl of his youth. Ann… she really loved him, and he loved her with all his heart.
Andrew was only 20 years old when he met her for the very first time at university. She was a first year student and spent a lot of time at the library where he met her. He fell in love with Anna from the first sight. She was tall, slim and beautiful with curly blond hear and big blue eyes.
A few days after their first meeting they started dating. Ann’s friends envied her because Andrew was very careful and loving lad. He brought different sweets, flowers and other presents to her almost every day. They spent hours simply walking in parks and admire each other. Her parents trusted him and allowed Ann to spend all her free time with Andrew.
Andrew was a simple provincial guy so he had study and work additionally in order to pay all his needs. Unfortunately he had lost his job one day, and so he was not able to pay all his bills. He was ready to abandon the university and return home, whereas Ann’s parents offered him to live with them and helped him as if he was their son. Despite the fact that they were simple teachers at school and their income was too small.
A year later he graduated from the university. As he was very smart and bright guy one well-known German company offered him prestigious work in Moscow. In a short period of time Andrew began to earn good money. His interests quickly changed. He spent more and more time with his new friends and colleagues. He enjoyed visiting various parties, clubs and restaurants. More often he did not take Ann with himself because he felt ashamed of her modesty. From her part, Ann was not ready to share his interests and new habits.
So very soon he made a decision to start a new life. Andrew told Ann that he did not love her any more, and asked her not to disturb him.
Her heart sank… She was ready to commit suicide when he left her. Only because of her parents she was able to overcome the parting.
Andrew changed girls like gloves, spent a lot of time in casino and various pubs and thought that he became a king.
However, life is life and it always arranges everything in its right place. One day he visited his doctor and was more then shocked. All his dreams were broken in a moment. He was HIV positive.
He phoned his parents but they did not want to know him any more. His girlfriend Kitty vanished in a trice with a large sum of his money. Oh no! He bought her a new car last month and was going to buy a flat in the center of Moscow.
Now he felt so lonely. He was walking down the street without any plans and hopes while suddenly he remembered Anna.
«Yeah, she really was my only love! Very likely she is married now and does not want to know anything about me» thought Andrew hopeless and tears were running from his tired eyes. At the same time another idea came to his mind «She is only person I have ever loved…and she really loved me. I have to meet her and apologize for all my errors. Of course we will not be even friends, but I hope… if only she could forgive me!» so he decided to find Ann.
He was very exhausted and after coming home he was soon fast asleep.
He got up earlier than usual next morning. He did not change his mind to visit Anna despite an awful headache. He shaved very carefully and put on his best clothes. Andrew bout a bouquet of red roses and after two hours he was near her house.
Oh no! His heart sank when he saw her playing with a little boy. «Surely she is married! What a fool I am. Why did I decide to come? Of course she has already forgotten me and enjoy her life with the loving family» a whirlwind of thoughts raced in his head. «However she is so attractive and what a lovely boy!» whispered Andrew. The child turned for a moment and he realized that he is his son. «I do not have any doubt, the boy is so similar to me!» he wept. He ran up to the child and picked him up. The boy looked at Andrew and smiled. Ann was staring at them with tears in her blue eyes. «Why did you come? Why did you leave me alone?» she wanted to ask, but her voice trembled and she could tell nothing. Andrew hugged her tightly…
Two years passed. Andrew and Ann are married. They left Moscow and bought a new house in N… and what is more they are waiting for a girl!
Oh yeah, I have forgotten to say that Andrew is absolutely healthy. He prays to the God every day… thanks to the medical error he realized what true love means. Now he lives full life with his loving wife and a lovely son :slight_smile:


A very touching story Lub. You should try writing more often.


Good evening Kitos!
Thank you for reading this one.
Hope you enjoyed it:)

Hello Lubov!
YOU are very imaginitive and absulotely have an amazing and terrific flair for writing, oh wait; I am hundred percent sure that you are a writer already. Your story is wonerful, magnificent and I really enjoyed it, and the last sentence gave me hope courage and thrilled me as much as I breathed a sigh of relief. Please let me be the first person who reads your impressive stories.

Good evening Ali and thank you very much for your reading. Of course I am not a writer:) I really hope that in the future I will be able to write a book but not fiction
Anyway if I write a new story or something like that I will let you know:)))