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The main objective of museums always frequently sparks a bitter controversy in educational field when people tried to decide the primary

function of museums between enjoyment or education.

First of all,Those who think that museums should be capable of attrcting and entertaining young men and bring more enjoyment might argue

that It will create more tax revenues for the country by enhancing its recreation.Simultaneously,Museums could be considered as the new

places that people could relieve their presure of real living.Then ensuring these young people to be more positive to confront the variety

of challenges in their future life.

On the other hand,Acquiring knowledges from museums is the fundamental elements theat museums could still exist.There are full of various

historic and artistic items, and that could widening men’s knowledges ,enriching people’s spiritual life. for instance,The efficent way for

students to remeber a history lesson is the teacher can teachs the lesson in the museums.

Personally,Taking everything into account,I think the both side we have discussed about has reasonable points.The best things the museums

should either having the ability of attraction and amueasement for encouraging more people to come or Teaching men with rich knowledges so

that more and more people could benefits from it.

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