A day in the role of the president

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This is not a TOEFL topic.

I was doing this guy’s homework, and I think it turned out to be decent. What do you think?

A day in the role of the president.
[size=75]Imagine that one morning when you get up you are told that you are the president. What would you do for the benefit of the country? In the first paragraph write about your feelings (responsibility, fame, fear, authority, etc.) then write about what you would do first, second, third… Then write about what you would do for young people, old people, and children. In the last paragraph write about what you would do for the cities, towns, villages. And don’t forget to write about what you would do for yourself.[/size]

The position of the president is very important and varies from country to country. But there are a few traits every president must possess. He must be the person who represents the entire nation and its interests. In times of turmoil he must be there to help his people cope with the crisis. In times of national mourning he must be there to present his condolences to the bereft families. In times of national pride he must be there to support and encourage those who have brought joy to the nation.
If I were given the chance to become president for just one day, I’d do what I’m supposed to do. Although the above mentioned qualities cannot be manifested in a single day, I’d have them. The first and foremost feeling I’d have to face as president would be my sense of responsibility. The latter is something of high value to me; to be able to bear the consequences of my actions before my people. I try in vain to understand why someone would stand for president merely to receive fame and be authoritative. But feeling fear – not to fail your nation – and responsibility is something normal. This is the inner drive that would make me fulfill what I’ve promised.
Since the position of the president in Bulgaria doesn’t hold much power, there isn’t really much he could do. Though, if it were otherwise, I’d make sure the parliament gets devoid of 95 % of the ‘people’s representatives’ first thing after the inauguration.
The second thing I’d go for would be to redirect the main money flow to education; to tighten the control of clubs, cafés, liqueur and cigarette shops as well as discotheques which sell alcohol and cigarettes to teenagers. Also, I’d increase the fines for those who circumvent this. Smoking in public places would be forbidden and fined solidly. Furthermore, all drugs thugs would be chased and locked behind bars for a memorable amount of time because the police would not be corrupted anymore. And last but not least, the age of maturity would be raised to 21.
The third thing I’d make sure comes true would be to cease all construction works in our resorts; to make our cities mind-bogglingly green; to seize all mafia hotels and malls and turn them into state property.
After I’m done with this I would ensure plenty of sports playgrounds are built throughout the country. Sport would thrive. Also, I’d alter the conditions in the country in such a way so that young people would actually stay to study and work in Bulgaria. When I become president, we would no longer see begging elderly people in the street. Their declining days would be secured. And children wouldn’t see a single movie that contains explicit violence.
I wouldn’t bypass cities, either. I’d raise automobile taxes so that only the very, very wealthy people would be able to afford such a vehicle. But even their pocket would sense the difference. I would lace every last city or village with bicycle lanes. People would no longer breathe burnt gasoline.
And in the end I’d be grateful to my nation for having elected me.

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If you are going to do all this in one day you are not a president, you are a dictator. :lol:

You have a point there.

Ski, you give me the feeling that Bulgaria is a place to avoid at all costs, but if your parents can produce a decent-minded guy like yourself, then there must be something worth being there for. What is good about Bulgaria?


Depends on your personality. If you want to have ‘fun’ (this word gets more and more depraved), that’s the place for you. Booze, unbridled gals, all inclusive. Throw in some illiteracy, money being the top goal (where it isn’t?) and there you have it. The ultimate ‘paradise’.

On the other hand, Bulgaria has a nice nature. But I was once walking in the forest and there’s this sign hung on a tree: ‘This is not a dump!’ Needless to say, the area around the tree was covered in garbage. I couldn’t see the soil. :smiley:

But no, it’s not a place to avoid at all cost. Germans and Russians swarm in the resorts during the summer. Don’t know why, though. Probably because they can’t afford to go elsewhere.

Reminds me of three years back when I was inspecting a nearby beach. Bare bodies, good-looking, perspiration-causing heat, tempting sea, tiny waves crushing onto the shore - classic. So, I walk a mile or so away, and there are those huge concrete blocks. I climb up and guess what - a pipe excreting, straight into the sea, all the things you don’t want to think about while having a meal. Cute.