A/D The best way to improve the quality of education is to increase teachers' sal

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The best way to improve the quality of education is to increase teachers’ salaries.
The topic of people’s view on whether to increase teachers’ salaries in order to improve the quality can be approached from several different angles due to its complexity. Some people seem thought the quality of education can’t compare to money, while others have opposite opinions. Despite many diversified opinions aired by different people based on their concern about education, there can’t be no doubt that raising teachers’ salaries is not the best way to improve the quality of education is under the aegis of popular belief.

First of all, the most important part of a high quality education is based on the passion of being a teacher. Only teachers who are devoted to their job have motivates to improve the education. To put this point in an actual context, my junior high school’s teacher is full of energy of teaching. She always considered that how to make each class interesting, hence the students could learn fast and without any stress. All the students liked her very much and they put more effort on the class. That’s why I am greatly convinced that the passion of being a teacher should put in the limelight when people want to improve the quality of education.

Another thing worth mentioning is that there are several equipments which are used in the experimental class are very expensive. For the purpose of having a better education, it’s very important to buy those hardware. For example, I had to conduct many experiment while I prepared my essay in the graduate school. My teacher spent a great deal of money to purchase those equipments in order to let us do some experiments and we could understand the theory more deeply.

Admittedly, the higher salaries would attract some excellent professors. But, it’s questionable whether a well-education professor equals a higher quality lecture?
Nevertheless, I insist it’s not appropriate to put the better education and high salaries on the same wavelength.

With the reasons above, I think people should emphasis on the passion of being a teacher and the teaching equipment. That is not to say, of course, that others opinions are completely without merit. However, I hold the reasons I have provided in favor of my viewpoints are stronger.

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