A/D:It is only worth watching movies that can teach us something about real life.

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Topic: A/D:It is only worth watching movies that can teach us something about real life.

Movie is a hyperbolic version of life. In result some people deem that it should reflect real life as much as possible, which can teach us something about it. Whereas, life is but a dream. What we know is not the only thing that life consists of, but also the uncharted parts. I prefer to learn more about things unknown from movies, like a world in our mind.

Movies that can teach us something about real life is worth watching for the reason that in these movies, problems of life are magnified, so that people will realize things they did not notice. They touch people with little things that happen in our daily life, such as what we appreciate, regret and love, presented meticulously. However, just because this kind of movies is worth watching, doesn’t mean watching others is meaningless.

Fancy movies like the Harry Potter series will be a perfect example to unravel my statement. No doubt these movies show the creativity of human being with all those magic spells, ghost that can take his head off and put it back, trees which punch you when you approach. They are worth watching because they create a space of imagination of what we might have the capability to do, not now, but maybe in the future. Moreover, they enrich people’s mental world.

Just as comedy is humorous which makes people laugh and relaxed, action movies are feasts for the eyes, mystery, for instance, The Da Vinci Code, is stunning by making your head spinning like a stirring mill. Following clues and figuring out who is the murderer is as enjoyable as drinking a cold cola in the burning summer. Every kind of movie brings something to light. If they do not teach you things about real life, they may show how fantastic is the planet Pandora, or provide an opportunity for you to think about the cause and influence of renaissance.

To put it in a nutshell, we should watch movies of all kind. At a time when everything is possible, variant movies are more likely to offer creativities, recreation and broad perspectives. None of these is unworthy.

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