A/D It is better to hold a big party and invite many people to come than a small

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It is better to hold a big party and invite many people to come than a small party where only a few close friends and family members are invited.

The topic of people’s view on whether people should hold a big party and invite many people or a small party with fewer guests can be approached from several different angles due to its complexity. Some people prefer to celebrate with many friends, while others have the negative attitude. Despite many diversified opinions aired by different people based on their own favor, there can be no doubt that holding a small party is the easier task for most people.

First of all, people who want to hold a big party have to put much effort to prepare that. That is to say, they have to count who want to go to the party or not and they also need to buy some food and find an appropriate place and so on. On the other hand, a small party is much easier to handle. To put this point to an actual context, I held a Christmas party for one my foreign friends who work in my country and I asked for few of her close friends to join the party at my home. My mother cooked some traditional cuisine and we really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere. As you can see, we didn’t spend much money and time on the party, but we had a good time in the end.

In the second place, a small party can let friends know each other more deeply. In today’s society, people lost chances to understand their friends and family, therefore, holding a small party let us to take care of people around us. For example, I have a dinner party each month with my close friends and we like to share everything in our life. Since we are a small group, we can have more flexible time schedule and we can choose various restaurants. That’s why I am greatly convinced that a smaller party can brings us more advantages than a big one.

With the reasons above, I hold that holding a small party is the first choice for most people. That’s not to say, of course, that other points of view are completely without merit. However, I think the reasons I have provided are in favor of my standpoints are stronger.

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