A/D Good looks and dresses are more important for success than good ideas.

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A/D Good looks and dresses are more important for success than good ideas.

The topic of people’s view on whether good looks and dresses are more important for success than good ideas can be approached from several angles due to its complexity. Some people asserted that that people with good looks and dresses can easy to achieve success, while others seem have negative attitude. Despite many diversified opinions aired by different people based on their own will, there can’t be no doubt that success and good idea have stronger connection than appearance.

First of all, many people achieve success based on their brilliant idea instead of their appearance. The reason is that those people have creative idea and they catch the chance to gain success. For example, the founder of the Facebook is a specific role model. He utilized his creative idea to establish the one of most popular website around world and people could exchange their information on the website. He doesn’t have the outstanding appearance and he is just a normal college student. That’s why I greatly convinced that a great idea brings success rather than good looks.

Another thing worth mentioning is that good looks and dresses are temporary conditions. Only a good idea can lead to a long term success. To put this point in an actual context, my boss hired a beautiful woman to be his secretary, but finally he found that she can’t do anything well and my boss fired the secretary after one month. As you can see, the woman may think that she was success than the other competitors. However, she didn’t have good ideas to help her work more efficiency and she failed. There is no gain saying that good looks and success shouldn’t put on the same wavelength.

With the reasons above, I hold that people should put emphasis on creating good ideas. That’s not to say, of course, that other points of view are completely without merit. However, I hold the reasons I provided in favor of my point of view are stronger.

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