A custom from my country that I would like people from other countries to adopt

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Topic: Describe a custom from your country that you would like people from other countries to adopt. Explain your choice, using specific reasons and examples.

If I were asked to describe a custom from my country that I would like people from other countries to adopt, I would choose the ancestor worship. It is a cultural beauty of the old and present Vietnamese. Ancestor altar is an indispensable part of every family, regardless of wealth or social status. Ancestor worship is all forms of rituals, worshiping in order to show respect and gratitude to ancestors, grandparents, parents who have created life for children and grandchildren - the first generation of a family line, with grandparents and parents passed away.

The Vietnamese ancestors’ custom of worshiping ancestors has its roots in the agricultural economy in the old society. When Confucianism was introduced into Vietnam, the word filial piety was highly appreciated, making the custom of ancestor worship a deep foundation. It is not necessary to have a full platter, just a small incense stick on the altar of the ancestors on a special day, the descendants of the family show their devotion towards the origin, commemorate the deceased loved ones.

In each family, the ancestral altar is placed in the most solemn place and becomes the place where descendants talk during the weekdays, anniversaries, Tet holidays, or when there are important things. It can be said that all events in the family are reported to the ancestor. For example, the fact that most new brides and grooms now perform a wedding ceremony or marriage in front of the family altar is also a very unique feature of Vietnamese culture.

To sum up, ancestor worship is a custom from my country that I would like people from other countries to adopt .It has become a custom, a moral standard and a principle of being human. Over time and the ups and downs of the nation’s history, Vietnamese customs have not stopped changing according to social circumstances, many customs have disappeared but still exist some customs have become indispensable cultural features of the Vietnamese people.