A creature amazes you!

[color=blue][size=150] As to me all creatures are amazing me without exemption,

but let me start with this super handsome creature[/size].

Hi Jami
Tigers really are amazing animals.
Recently my young nephew has become obsessed with these creatures - he talks about nothing else.He often sits staring at them for hours as if he is watching tv …

I can understand your nephew Lurker… I also can’t resist watching them. but don’t worry about him “your nephew”, perhaps this is the beginning to be a geological in future…

Recently a huge bird has been discovered in China it belongs to the extinct ages… it is as huge as giraffe… it is as heavy as adult rhinoceros… but what one can’t believe is that they say this bird has long wings and so long legs that help him to fly very strongly. but you know the ostrich also has wings and long legs but it is can’t fly due to its heavy weight.

The beast and the beautiful… Look at this wonderful pic. Lion could love also…

Lions are not like all the cats … they are really different…

in what way Jami?

Do they eat much cheese like Bev’s cat. I mean have you ever seen a cat buying cheese at the cheese counter in a supermarket?

I certainly haven’t… :wink:

Have you ever seen a cat buying anything at any counter in a supermarket?

Scoff as much as you like, but next time you have a little cheese to spare offer it to some passing moggy.
They are quite partial to ‘Wotsits’ too.



That picture of the lion kissing the lady… it sounds like a kiss of death to me.
Or maybe it was a conjugal visit, seeing as the lion is behind bars.

Oh my God! Are they lovers?
She’s so brave.

Wots that Bev?
Hey! Ye know wot?
ye know wots not wot Bev? :slight_smile:

always kind of wondered who would win in a fight between Wotsits Cheetah and Frosties Tiger?

to be honest Lurker I don’t think mice likes cheese more than the rest of animals … I can say … every one who he sucked milk from his mother’s nipple , would like it.

Actually the answer is yes they are lovers as you see…

but what we can’t presume through picture who of them loves much more than the other… the woman or the lion.

That is cool … you have a nice imagination…


She says to the lion : Don’t worry baby I found good lawyer who will get you out from this prison.

Hi Jami! - Was the Lion not saying…

“You better make everyone think I’m a nice friendly Lion while I’m having my picture taken or I might bite your head off”? :slight_smile:

Hello all.

Did she keep her word and find a good lawyer, or the lion still a prisoner? Ha ha…

Nice to meet you again.