A catchy slogan:


I was wondering if the following slogan for a company (that sometimes indulges in shady business practices) sounds grammatical to native speakers:

As long as you have a dufus for a client you will always come out on top.


It’s grammatical.

I’m not certain what specific business practice is being described, but it sounds pretty unflattering to clients and therefore is not something a company would normally want to say about itself (at least, not in public).

If it matters, I think the word “dufus” is mostly AmE, though BrE speakers would guess its meaning here.

The slogan seems to correspond with the famous “There’s a sucker born every minute” …

Thanks Dozy,

People are supposed to say it under their breath, to themselves, and in jest. It’s a “hidden” slogan, for what it’s worth. Hehe.

I guess the practices I had in mind would involve a good helping of cheating and trickery, so that the client would have to fork over a huge amount of mnoey for something they could get for a much cheaper price.

Not exactly the best way to conduct any sort of business but I’m more interested in the grammar of the slogan than in putting the slogan into practice.