A big hello to everybody , all old member

Hello everybody !

I’m Thanh. I’m from Vietnam . I’m 23 years old . I feel very funny when just say " hello" to all everybody and now i can learn E everybody togerther. I dont learn English good , so I can write wrong word , use the grammar wrong .please help me to amend them and help me to improve my E speaking and writting skill .

At first , I want to say " Thank you so much. Torsten Daerr" because you spend time to send email to me everyday , It’s very interesting and everyday i still read it.I very like read E because when i read them i understand everybody what writting? what problem? i still understand but i can not remember to use them how when i say, i writing ?so i want to take part this forum with hope that everybody can help me to learn E good. Thank every in advance .

The second , i want to introduce a little about HaNoi, my city . If anybody want to come VietNam , please visit Hanoi,my city. It’s a small city but very beatiful . In Hanoi have 4 season spring, summer, autumn,winner. When you have occasion to come Hanoi , especially when weather in autumn , your first feeling is the feeling of peaceful space.That feeling was overwhelming all your soul and when you were walking along Nguyen Du Street and enjoying the Milk flower. Why was it so beautiful here? In the early autumn night, in slightly cold spread hoarfrost, sitting on the bank of Thien Quang Lake, whether at the other side, you will still smell its perfume. you walk along the street and drop yourself in a sweet smell of Milk flower, the wind blow your hair, and you will feel it so great.

also for my own ,i especially like autumn because I love Hanoi; I love the early cold winter nights with Milk flower’s smell. I hope Milk flowers will be grown more on Hanoi streets. Milk flower is a precious gift that nature gives to us, especially to Hanoi, our beloved capital and i also hope that anybody , our member will have occasion to Hanoi to feel about Ha noi autumn, and please contact with me , i just already give you to visit Hanoi

Many thanks

Hi Thanhngo, nice to meet you, I am Lien and stay in Hanoi, too. Let’s learn English together ^^

Hi", Everyone I,m from Brazil and a lot of proud for learning English with skill someone, that worry and send me e-mail for advice to improve my English. It is very nice I thank you dear TORSTEN can I also to say you I used to improve my English every day , listening podcast, music,whatching a movie , reading a book , magazine , talking on the forum with my friends and sending e-mail around world. I would like to say that I wil be traveling in July to Canada for spent my vacations and intend to improve my English there.