A big hello to all new members!


Hi Ulyana, welcome to our forum forum and many thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Just a couple of points: If you want to improve your English you can do so in any country by changing your habits. Create an English language environment and surround yourself with English 24/7. Also, try to focus on the subject you want to study rather than on learning English. What are you interested in? What exactly are you studying at the Academy of Management? What or who do you want to manage? As for learning English, here are some more ideas: www.english-for-winners.com

PS: Please note that the noun ‘advice’ is uncountable and that ‘look forward’ is followed by ‘to’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, talks: Supervisor is giving instructions about payroll procedures and company policy to new employees[YSaerTTEW443543]


Hello Everyone!
I am a very new member of this site. I would like to bush up my English, I hope, I can find so many possibilities here to do that. Usually my written English is better, that is why people think my spoken English is the same. But unfortunately not. So I am looking for possibility to improve my communication in English. What do you suggest?
Thanks in advance,


Hi everyone here,
My name is Yonas, and I am here because I am preparing myself for Toefl ibt exam.


First of all, thanks for providing useful information and details. I appreciate it a lot!

About changing my habits and surroundings, I know how important is communication with native speakers and involving English in my everyday surroundings, but, unfortunately, my friends are not interested in learning English, though I tried to be involved in English 24/7 by performing exercises from all sections of TOEFL. However, I still feel the lack of real communication with English native speakers.

Currently, I am studying management and my major is Business Management in an integrated Europe. I am very interested in this subject, and my marks are quiet good, however, I would really enjoy the subject more by studying it in English in some English native countries. Therefore actually I began to prepare for TOEFL and successfully passing TOEFL will open the doors to implement my plans.

The thing is, that I feel truly difficulty with exercising the academic passages(particularly in focusing on main points and details). Therefore, I have to exercise this part of the test as much as possible. However, the source that I have found is too limited. Consequently, I would like to found some useful links with analogous tasks and exercises. Thanks very much to your website, that provide completely the same listening exercises like TOEFL has, but I have some difficulties with finding the appropriate reading texts and passages.


Thank you very much for your welcome.
I’m a new member from Barcelona and I really hope to be able to learn and improve ymy English from today on…


I am Muhammad Arslan khan from Pakistan. I am interested to Learn English. I search a lot of forums but I think It is the best one. I want to Improve my Essay writing and English Speaking. I will try my best to Improve my performance as early as possible. I am happy to see that all members discus there problems here and they got the solution very fast. I am thankful to the Moderators for presenting such a good platform. I think there should be more improvement in this forum.
Best Regards to all old and new members.


That is the spirit…


My name is Danilo, I’m from Brazil.

I’m currently taking a master degree in computer science, but I’m no good with english. It could probably ruin my carrer if I don’t take an attitude. My reading skills are ok, I’m able to read lots of english text without doing “mental translation”. But I’m not able to do the reverse, I’m not able to “thinking in english”. My listening abilities also sucks a little bit, but the worst part is speak something in English.

Sometimes I feel ashamed because I’m too “old” (23 years old) and can’t handle the English language very well. A lot of younger friends of mine don’t have the same problems that I have.


Hi everybody,

I’m new student. I’m come from Montreal and I’m a French Canadian who would like to speak English fluently.


Hello.I am a new member.i have a question.Is there any difference between two sentences “I am taken” & " I have taken".Please help.


am - present tense. It is not usually used with ‘taken’.
have - past tense.


But as per my knowledge “have” is present perfect tense


Yes - I meant the action was started in the past - sorry for not being clear.


Please explain the use of following sentence.
1> I am tired.
2> I have tired.
3> I have been tired.


I think that I have tired doesn’t exist, but «I am tired» is now while «I have been tired», the action began in the past and continue in the present.


‘I have tired’ is possible if you add something like ‘I have tired of that game. I don’t want to play it again.’


What’s wrong, if I replace “have” with “am” i.e ‘I am tired of that game. I don’t want to play it again.’


Hello to everyone!
I am from Romania and I am so happy that I found this site where I can improve my english language.
Kiss you all,


Hello to everyone! Hello Alan !
It’s Kévin a new/old member. I am from Burkina Faso, I desappeared a certain while du to lack of health.
I miss you a lot, this wonderful site and the talented managers like you. You need to be congratulated for the faiftful commitment

Tank a lot big kiss and see us.



Welcome back Kevin! I am pretty new on ESL, but I love it. I met nice people and I practiced my english.

I hope you are ok now, not ill.