A big hello to all new members!


oh I’m very sorry for my mistake, and many thanks for your advice :slight_smile:


hii everyone
I’m Bouchra from Morocco .I have 23 years-old .I speak 2 languages "Arabic and French "
i’m interested to know more friends in ESL, and also to learn english .


Hey everyone… :slight_smile:
My name is Annisa, I’m 16 years old from Indonesia,
i’m a new member here,just joined today.
I want to get new friends and new experience in English trough this site.


Hi, everybody!
I’m Oleg from Russia. I’m almost 42 and work as an engineer. I began to to learn english in primary school and did rather well for the first few years but then, as I got my teens, I gradually became more interested in girls, music and things like that. So schooling in general and english in particular were put aside. Then was the military which considerably shook up my wits, and in some while after demobilisation I buried my head in books and got into university. There I also had to do with english a little, but that was mostly translating technical texts. 7 years ago we with my wife decided at last to visit my kin in Germany, and she persuaded me to go to Paris as well. I must confess that my french is limited by ‘bonjour’, ‘merci’ and ‘voila’, so we had to set hopes upon the ‘international language’. But on the very first day there I found myself completely unable to comprehend english by ear and, to my profound astonishment, I found my wife understanding it though not speaking. So, I suppose, we cut quite a funny couple as I had to interpret to people what she was saying in russian and she told me what they replied. That was when I set off to resume my english studies and by degrees it turned into a hobby. I don’t remember how and when I came across this site but I’m really glad that I did. I’ve never suspected before that tests can be absorbing. Alan’s stories are just brilliant. And I’d be happy to get any reprimand concerning my english and just to chat witn anyone.


Hello everyone,
My name is Sofia. I’ve living in Germany since 1994. I was born in Romania. I want to improve my English. I met Torsten at an English course in Nordhausen on January.


hiii… i’m new member my name is Ni Putu Desy Ratna Dewi but you can call me Desy. now, I’m 19 years old and i study at accounting department faculty of economy Udayana University. so I come from Bali. Do you know Bali??? I Live at Denpasar City.
okee that’s all about my self, i’m glad to know you… see u :slight_smile:


hy… my name is Desy , i’m from Bali… it’s very nice to meet you. i’m also a new member in ESL. I’m also interested in practicing and improving my English so maybe we can share experiences and help each other?


Hello Everyone. Glad to be here. Hope everyone is having a good day (or night, depending on where you are!)


I am Ngoc from Vietnam.
I was inspired by the newsletter from Mr. Torsten Daerr; then I happily decided to register this forum hoping to improve my English and making new friends around the world.


Hello All,
My name is Lu Ji ,and I come from China,I’m 23 years old.
I’m very pleasure to know you here.


Hello All,
My name is Lu Ji ,and I come from China,I’m 23 years old.
I’m very pleasure to know you here.



hi, My name is tung from Viet Nam, I’m 22 years old. Nice to meet you, I’m also a new member of this forum so hope to make friend with all members in this site.


Hello Desy,
why do you study economics?


my name is marygrace 24 years old lived in the philippines .
i joined this forum because i want to enhance my english skills, i hope you can hwlp me.
thank you


Hello, everyone!
My name is Maksim. I’am 34 y.o. I’m from Russia. I registered this forum to improve my English and find out new friends. So, i hope in it. )


Hi Maksim, welcome to our forum. Where in Russia are you from?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Maksimis:
How are you? I’m from South America. What does your name mean?

Take care,


Hi every one.
My name in Asghar from Iran. I registered in this site and I want to write my English papers easily. thanks.


hi! and assalamualaikum =D i am fatinah. u can call me tina. i’m malaysian and my race is malay. i like to hear from u allls!! love to learn and read. thanks to my english lecturer who give me this link! anyone from aussie? i really love that country…