2 Minutes/Math problem=1 Canceled Test!

What is the best way to become a math whizz capable of finishing 1 problem/minute.

  • You don’t have enough time to get ready. take another month.
  • Study GRE Math prep each day for 5 hours for 20 days
  • Study GRE Math prep books + regular Algebra books for 20 days.

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I am doing great getting the math problems right on practice tests, and I find I know the material. My problem though is that it’s been 2 years since I took a college Math class.

I am taking about 2 minutes per math problem on the KAPLAN practice problems, like on the real GRE math section- that’s 20 out of 28 problems done! I would probably have gotten a 560.

Do you have advice on how to get the problems done really quickly? I rescheduled for May 1, but do you think that is not enough time for me to become a math whizz? What is the best tactic to become a math whizz (just fast).


I had the same problem, at first, the answer is practice, practice and practice
My opinion is that Kaplan is very easy on math, so u should consider studying something more consistent, like Barron’s
i’m planning to take the gre on the 30th of may

good luck
daiana :slight_smile: