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It is better to marry someone who is similar to you,rather then someone who is different from you


“Like THE SIMILAR poleS OF A MAGNET repel each other and opposite POLES attract, COULD IT BE THE SAME WITH PEOPLE?”
As the theory above has been proved many number of times, I strongly believe in the thoughT inferred from it(,) and I think that it is better to get married to a person who is different from me rather than ONE WHO IS similar to me.
Being with a person whose thought processES is ARE different will help BOTH OF us to have a better understanding of any joint decision that we will take.
It will make us aware of almost all the possible aspects of a situation by
thinking aloud about it(,) and OUR takING a proper and collective decision. If we will agree or disagree on a particular topic, then we might land up in a win - win situation. Such kindS of situations will make life more spicy and exciting than a boring unidirectional flow.

Due to existence of a BidirectionAL flow process, we will get to know each other in a more deEper level and WE will also know each others likes and dislikes which might eventually make LEAD us to discoverING untouched corners of life. With more variEty and newly discovered interests we will surely expose SHARE a joyful life bonded with a deep and truE understanding.

With different opinions and interest’s we will become more social as the arena of socialization will be much bigger and different , which will pave our way to gel as a couple with others fast(,) and thus will result in OUR having a great social circle(,) which is aN important part ASSET for human beingS as we are well known as TO BE social animals.

So to sum up I strongly believe that with OUR differenceS in thinking, thought process and opinionS , I will have a better chance to understand my partner(,) and WE will make our LIVES more social and DEEPLY bonded deep with trust and spice in life.
In spite of the many small errors this was a well worded essay.

Kitos. 8.5/10

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Thanks Kitos.
The biggest mistake I did was to manage time.Was writing this till last 3 minutes
Have to finish it in 22-23 minutes so that I can correct all the mistakes which I did above.
Hope to manage my time better in next part.
Also Should I create a new post every time or keep on adding me essay in the same thred ?

Yes please. A new post for each new essay.