1-st questions

In the listening part II of TOEIC set 1,exercises 1-5, there are no 1-st questions in the text, maybe not only there, please correct it asap.

Thank you very much.

I see what you mean Saneta. Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully someone will edit it - however, as it is a listening exercise, the lack of a sentence in the transcript should not make any difference to your ability to complete the test up until such a time as the correction is made.

Hi B.,
It is easier to me to watch the questions in the text, apparently my English from listening is not so good yet. Please correct it ASAP.

I can’t correct it myself, sorry Saneta. I don’t have access to those questions. I have raised your question in the feedback thread.

The whole purpose of those exercises is to improve listening though. You won’t do that if you are reading the transcript and relying on that.

Thank You B. for putting this topic where necessary. I hope the English team will help everybody. Yes, I should listen to exercises more…