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He was asked to .......... or else his job was at risk 1 August 2, 2019
The final entry is the ..... line, which represents net earnings of the company during the accounting period 3 September 2, 2019
At work, male employees are the greater time wasters when it ..... to surreptitious non-work activities 2 September 2, 2019
The ..... lies between the hand and the arm. It is a joint, and people often wear watches on this part of the body 2 September 2, 2019
Misue will be punished 1 September 2, 2019
TOEFL essay evaluation 15 September 1, 2019
Natalie from Australia 34 September 1, 2019
TOEFL Independent essay evaluation 6 September 1, 2019
Both men and women wear shirts on their 2 September 1, 2019
Chairman: You can also skim ..... the written details on the following pages 4 September 1, 2019
If a person injures or breaks a foot or leg, he/she can use two ..... to aid him/her in walking. These items are placed in the armpit area and look like tall walking sticks 3 September 1, 2019
She is really nasty and ..... to insult people on a regular basis 2 September 1, 2019
I used to work as a ..... man and that job was a dirty one. I would be covered in banana peels, old food, pet waste and all kinds of gross stuff 2 September 1, 2019
I can't get that rotting seafood smell out of my nostrils. The dangerous ocean conditions bother most people but, for me, it was the smell on the boat. Overall, though, I liked being a crab 2 September 1, 2019
The sheriff said he would ..... the crime a bit more thoroughly 2 September 1, 2019
The students ..... when the teacher left the room 2 September 1, 2019
If you need to leave your office, please ensure you ________ all calls to the secretary 2 September 1, 2019
He was ........ to achieve high grades so he worked additional hours 2 September 1, 2019
Although he was very sick, he didn't even try to ..... drinking 2 September 1, 2019
The professor informed the students before the exam that if they were unable tosolve the more complex equations, they might still pass the test, since there was plenty of low-hanging ..... on the test 6 September 1, 2019
Lawmakers shouldn't ..... the chance to regulate tobacco 6 September 1, 2019
A ..... is a small building or structure that is used for storage 6 September 1, 2019
He had built the house and barn by the ..... of his brow. It had been hard and had taken years but the results were breathtaking and just how he wanted them to be 6 September 1, 2019
Is "sumptuous buffet" correct or should it be "scrumptious buffet" instead 19 September 1, 2019
Origin of the term 'full-stack developer' 3 September 1, 2019
Finally, with catch levels falling to practically nothing in 1970, a fishing ..... was declared 1 September 1, 2019
These basic concepts ..... all modern forms of commerce 3 September 1, 2019
..... M is that portion of the IRS regulations dealing with the conduit theory, in which investment companies and real estate investment trusts avoid double taxation by passing interest and dividend income and capital gains directly through, without taxation, to shareholders, who are taxed as individuals. 3 September 1, 2019
My one-year-old son ......... me the other day 3 September 1, 2019
Soldiers in the US Army are not permitted to get intoxicated while ..... uniform 2 September 1, 2019