Topic Replies Activity
Lots of people started hoarding food and supplies just a little while ago/ funny video 3 March 30, 2020
Great-grand father/ mother How do you address them./ Please take a look 12 March 28, 2020
By the way where's Alan? 13 March 27, 2020
Avez-vous déjà remarqué que la double négation de la langue française disparaît lentement?/ Have you ever noticed that the double negation of the French language slowly disappears? 1 March 24, 2020
'Vous' 'u' and 'Sie' personal pronouns to address one single person in French, Dutch and German respectively 1 March 23, 2020
Celine Dion sings 'Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi' in German: 'Hand in Hand' 1 March 23, 2020
The Daffodils by William Wordsworth performed by Miss Piggy. Hilarious! 1 March 23, 2020
Writing a novel based on a true story/ Some advice needed 1 March 23, 2020
Mrs. Slocombe's Hilarious Pussy Cat Moments. Enjoy! It IS hilarious 1 March 22, 2020
A Rhyme by Roald Dahl/ Audio and video provided/ It's very funny 1 March 21, 2020
In this sentence, which pronoun should I use? 'one younger sister and I' or 'one younger sister and me' to be strictly grammatical? 38 March 15, 2020
Something that might lift the spirit of this unhappy planet 1 March 15, 2020
Test Your Knowledge by About Art and Artistic Influences! Trivia Facts Quiz 1 March 12, 2020
Do you agree or disagree with the following sentence? Parents offer money to their children in order to get high grade in lessons 9 March 7, 2020
Pivotal IELTS Preparation Steps You Should Know About 2 March 4, 2020
TOEFL IBT: Could you please give me recommendations on how to improve my essay? 2 March 1, 2020
Debt consultation at stepchange (by Julia the debt collector) 1 February 14, 2020
IELTS writing task 2 .Some people say that the environmental problem of our time is the loss of particular species of plants and animals. Others say that there are more important environmental problems. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion 1 February 8, 2020
Toefl-independent task of writing- Nowadays, many movies or films are based on books. Some people prefer to read the original book before they watch the movie, other prefer to watch the movie before reading the book. Which one do you prefer? 6 January 20, 2020
Master of the Game/ television series based on the novel of Sidney Sheldon. Again I'd like some advice 20 January 9, 2020
Our society is becoming more economically demanding by the minute.... Please does it make sense and is the vocabulary and grammar correct? 14 January 7, 2020
Let's transcribe this (FreedomDividend) 1 January 5, 2020
The difference between more progressive and non-progressive verbs. More questions. Please have a look at my sentences 6 December 25, 2019
Help me with my writing task 1 1 August 3, 2019
The table shows the amount of money given in aid of technology of developing countries by charities in the US, EU and other countries from 2006 to 2010 1 August 2, 2019
Organic food cbd 1 August 1, 2019
TOEFL-Speaking:Talk about a special opportunity that was given to you. Explain why the opportunity was important 1 July 1, 2019
Should there be a comma after 'me'? 2 June 4, 2019
Exercising when fasted forces the body to rely on using fat as a substrate 4 May 9, 2019
Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, please help me correct grammar, vocabulary, puntuation. Especially condense each paragraph. This is my last writing 6 April 21, 2019